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  • Monthly MDC Section-wide Echolink Net Information

  • WINLINK 2000 (WL2K) Radio E-mail System Overview  
  • WINLINK 2000 (WL2K) Airmail Installation and Set Up Instructions (in MS PowerPoint format)  
  • WAS and DXCC Local QSL Card Checkers
  • T-MARC, The Mid-Atlantic Repeater Council. Repeater Coordinations
  • Basic Traffic Handling Instructions - CW
  • Basic Traffic Handling Instructions - Voice  
  • A Telecommuncations Timeline
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  • US Amateur Frequency Allocations Chart
  • VOICE of AMERICA   (VOA) Public Tours - FREE!
  • A bit of VOA History - "First Broadcast News Organization on the Internet

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    Links to ARRL MDC Section Affiliated Amateur Radio Clubs


  • AERO Amateur Radio Club -W3PGA-
  • Anne Arundel Radio Club -W3VPR-
  • Antietam Radio Association -W3CWC-  
  • Baltimore Amateur Radio Club -W3FT-  
  • Baltimore Radio Amateur Television Society (BRATS) 
  • Calvert Amateur Radio Association -K3CAL-  
  • Carroll County Amateur Radio Club, Inc -K3PZN-  
  • Carroll County Contesters -WY3P-
  • Charles County Amateur Radio Club -K3SMD-  
  • Chesapeake Amateur Television Society (CATS) -W3BAB-  
  • Chesapeake Bay Radio Association (CBRA) Amateur Radio Club -WA3SFJ-
  • Columbia Amateur Radio Association -K3CUJ-  
  • Delmarva Amateur Radio Club  
  • Easton Amateur Radio Society -K3EMD-
  • Foundation for Amateur Radio
  • Fort Washington Amateur Radio Club

  • Frederick Amateur Radio Club -K3ERM-
  • Free State Amateur Radio Club -K3IVO-
  • Green Mountain Repeater Association (GMRA) -K3GMR & W3GMR-
  • HacDC Amateur Radio Club -W3HAC-
  • Kent Amateur Radio Society -K3ARS-  
  • Laurel Amateur Radio Club -W3LRC-  
  • Maryland FM Association
  • Maryland Mobileers Amateur Radio Club -W3CU-   
  • Mid Atlantic DX and Repeater Association (MADXRA) -K3MAD-  
  • Montgomery Amateur Radio Club -KV3B-  
  • Mountain Amateur Radio Club (MARC) -W3YMW-  
  • National Capitol DX Association  
  • National Electronics Museum Amateur Radio Club -K3NEM-  
  • Potomac Valley Radio Club (PVRC)  
  • Prince George's Amateur Radio Emergency Service (PGARES)
  • Southern Maryland Amateur Radio Club  
  • Southern Maryland APRS Group
  • St. Mary's County Amateur Radio Association -K3HKI-  
  • TMARC - The Middle Atlantic FM & Repeater Council
  • Tri County Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
  • Unallocated Space ARC
  • United States Department of State Amateur Radio Club -W3DOS-
  • University of Maryland Amateur Radio Association at College Park -W3EAX-  
  • Voice of America Amateur Radio Club -K3VOA-  

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